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ProFactor V

ProFactor V: Superior Lactose-free Protein

Protein shakes, powders, bars, and enriched functional foods typically utilize whey protein or egg protein as ingredients for athletic recovery and supporting the body’s muscle-building activity. These protein sources are poor options for people with egg or dairy allergies, and they have somewhat limited amino acid profiles.*

ProFactor V is a superior protein ingredient derived from bovine serum, making it lactose-free and providing a more complete amino acid profile when compared to egg or whey. It is an impressive 81% protein and composed primarily of albumin, a larger protein molecule (66 kD – 32% larger than egg albumin) that is slowly digested. Albumin is a versatile protein, operating as a transport protein and nutrient, supporting the body’s ability to detoxify itself, and helping maintain osmotic balance.*

  • Lactose-free, casein-free, egg-free protein source
  • Large protein – Slower digestion allows for more complete protein utilization*
  • Proprietary cold-processing technology and spray-drying techniques – Protects against denaturation and retains bioactivity of natural growth factors*
  • Composed of at least 10% IgG – Promotes healthy inflammation cycles and overall GI health*
  • Stable for 2 years when stored in a sealed container in a cool, dry environment

ProFactor V is ideally suited for blending with whey protein.  The amino acid profile of each product complements the other, making up for any deficiencies either one has.  The result is a protein blend with one of the best, well-rounded amino acid profiles available.

Unique Protein Products through Proliant Health & Biologicals

For their ProFactor V ingredient, Proliant Health and Biologicals uses a manufacturing process based on the Cohn Fraction V technique developed by Dr. Edward Cohn during World War II. This technique was first used to support recovery for soldiers. The manufacturing process yields an albumin protein that is exceptional for promoting athletic recovery.*

Cream-colored and neutral in flavor and odor, ProFactor V is a versatile protein powder suitable for shakes, drink powders, bars, foods, and dietary supplements. It has enhanced solubility for mixing in water. ProFactor V yields best results when provided in a daily serving of at least 10g per day.

Proliant’s production facility is compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for food products. To eliminate the risk of BSE and lessen risk of exposure to bovine growth hormone, Proliant uses only U.S. beef cattle.

Why Ingredients from Wilke Resources?

Wilke Resources is a respected name in quality bulk nutritional supplements, offering raw ingredient products to the pharmaceutical, health-nutrition, and animal health markets. Wilke serves as both a sales and marketing agent for selected U.S. manufacturers and provides high-quality bulk dietary supplement ingredients through its China Direct sourcing program.



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

As a supplier of bulk dietary supplement ingredients, it is not our intent to suggest that our customers may claim that our ingredients prevent, treat, or cure any infection or disease or remedy any other condition. Our ingredients may promote the whole health and wellness of specific body systems when taken as directed. Consumers should consult their physicians before adding any dietary supplement to their daily wellness program.