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Chondroitin: Cartilage Building Blocks for Natural Pet Care

Chondroitin sulfate is a major building block of healthy joint tissue, not only for humans but also for their animal companions. In vertebrates, cartilage maintenance is integral to comfortable range of motion. Intertwined together, the two primary components of cartilage are collagen and proteoglycans.

  • Collagen – Consists of long strands of protein.
  • Proteoglycans – Consists of a protein/hyaluronic acid backbone with branches of long chain repeating sugars called glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).


Chondroitin sulfate (CS) is the most predominant GAG. It is known as a “water magnet.” This water-holding quality gives structure to the cartilage and acts as a “shock absorber” during movement.

In a healthy animal, cartilage is affected by daily wear and tear, but is also constantly restored and maintained. Supplemental CS can support this ongoing joint tissue maintenance. Although the exact mechanism is not known, it is generally believed that CS is absorbed from the GI tract and transported to joints for the ongoing creation of proteoglycans.

CS is likely most effective when combined with glucosamine. And the maintenance activity of these two joint tissue building blocks may be further enhanced by the addition of hyaluronic acid.

Wilke Resources provides high-quality pet-oriented sources for all three of these joint support ingredients. We can help you upgrade your existing product or create a new joint health formula that meets and exceeds pet owners’ expectations.


Chondropure™ - High quality and results for animal care

Pet owners who wish to provide natural supplements for their animal companions are often highly discerning regarding ingredient quality. Just as they require the highest standards for their own supplements, they expect pet supplement ingredients to be pure and efficacious. 

Sioux Pharm’s Chondropure™ Chondroitin Sulfate is a natural extract of bovine cartilage that is derived solely from frozen USDA-certified beef sources at USDA-inspected meat packaging and processing plants. The ingredient is certified BSE-free by its suppliers.

The recommended daily dosage for Chondropure™ USP is ____ mg per day for a 50 kg animal or ____mg per day for a 100 kg animal. It is most effective when combined with our glucosamine ingredient.


Why Ingredients from Wilke Resources?

Wilke Resources is a respected name in quality bulk nutritional supplements, offering raw ingredient products to the pharmaceutical, health-nutrition, and animal health markets. Wilke serves as both a sales and marketing agent for selected U.S. manufacturers and provides high-quality bulk dietary supplement ingredients through its China Direct sourcing program.



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