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ImmunoLin®: Immunomodulatory effects for Pets


Derived from bovine serum, ImmunoLin® is rich in naturally occurring, bioactive proteins such as immunoglobulin. Proliant’s proprietary processing technologies concentrate the proteins while retaining bioactivity and functionality. ImmunoLin stands on solid research to support its use for promoting immune health and supporting healthy inflammation cycles.

In the world of natural pet health, ImmunoLin is a solution for pets with sensitive systems and immune/inflammation health challenges. This ingredient can:

  • Support GI tract integrity and natural gut barrier function
  • Promotes balanced immune system response – Acts as an immunomodulatory; will not over-stimulate or lessen the immune response.
  • Promote healthy inflammation cycles

ImmunoLin is safe for daily administration for preventive health, or it may be provided only when an immune system challenge is evident.

Healthy gut, healthy body

Immunoglobulin proteins, also known as antibodies, are specialized soluble proteins produced by both the adaptive and innate immune systems. In humans and animals alike, immunoglobulin proteins circulate in plasma and reside on mucosal surfaces (like the gut lining).

Immunoglobulin is not absorbed when orally ingested, so its primary function is to support immune function within the digestive tract. When it comes to the general immune function of the gut, immunoglobulin is just as important as probiotic balance.

Why Proliant Health and Biologicals?

Proliant’s ImmunoLin is the same high quality ingredient provided for human consumption. It is the only purified immunoglobulin concentrate available in the nutrition market. Unlike other immune-support ingredients, supplemental immunoglobulin begins providing effects the same day it is consumed.

While similar to colostrums in its delivered effects, ImmunoLin is a bovine-derived, non-dairy product. The ImmunoLin production facility is compliant with FDA Good Manufacturing Practices for human food products, and the final product meets stringent internal quality standards. Proliant uses only U.S. beef cattle in the production of ImmunoLin.


Why Ingredients from Wilke Resources?

Wilke Resources is a respected name in quality bulk nutritional supplements, offering raw ingredient products to the pharmaceutical, health-nutrition, and animal health markets. Wilke serves as both a sales and marketing agent for selected U.S. manufacturers and provides high-quality bulk dietary supplement ingredients through its China Direct sourcing program.



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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

As a supplier of bulk dietary supplement ingredients, it is not our intent to suggest that our customers may
claim that our ingredients prevent, treat, or cure any infection or disease or remedy any other condition. Our ingredients may promote the whole health and wellness of specific body systems when taken as directed. Consumers should consult their physicians before adding any dietary supplement to their daily wellness program.